Each Fall Protection system and Safe Access installation must be carefully evaluated to identify the most suitable solution.

Whether the application calls for a Horizontal Lifeline, Walkway, Guardrail, Ladder or Fall Arrest Anchor Point installation, each system requires analysis and design to ensure that it is appropriate for your safe access needs.

Fall Protection systems compliant with the latest New Zealand Standards and Best Practice Guidelines protect the user from significant and potential hazards by providing a safe means of access for maintenance and service personnel.

All products and systems are designed and installed by highly trained, competent and industry experienced professionals.

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Walkway, Stairs, ladders & Handrails

  • Certified installers of MonkeyToe┬« systems
  • Compliant to NZS/AS 1657:1992/2013
  • Provide a safe path across a site or workplace isolating hazards, reducing fatigue and preventing damage like roof dents and leaks.
  • Aluminium, fibreglass, steel and powder coated options
  • Vertical & angled fixed access Ladders
  • Caged Ladders
  • Vertical Ladder Lifelines
  • Fold down ceiling space & attic ladders
  • Steps & Stairs
  • Pipe crossovers
  • Skylight covers

Below and right: examples of Ladder, Stair and Handrail systems

Plant Platforms, Condenser Mounts & Duct Supports

Essential Safety Ltd are certified installers of MonkeyToe® Systems

The roofing industry has endorsed the MonkeyToe® Mounting System as a 'preferred option' for premium condenser support and roof top mounting.

Right: Duct Supports

Horizontal & Vertical Life Lines, Tracks and Rail systems

Essential Safety are accredited in installation, advice and recertification of 3M Capital safety, Safetor & SafelyLink fall protection products.

Right: Horizontal Lifeline
Above: Safetor Anchor Point

Rope Access and Fall Arrest Anchor Points

Lives literally hang on these, at Essential Safety Ltd shortcuts are not an option!

Essential Safety Ltd insist on the involvement of a Certified Professional Engineer (CPEng) during the installation of our Anchor Point Safety Systems and also in the recertification process of older systems. Complying by these WorkSafe New Zealand Best Practice Guildelines ensures the safety of the user is to the highest standard.

  • Structural design as specified in the latest best practice guidelines
  • Compliant to NZS/AS 1891 & NZS/AS 5532
  • All installation information including producer statements stored on the Essential Safety Ltd database
  • Inspected & Recertified annually by Essential Safety Ltd
  • Approved installer of New Zealand made SAFETOR Anchor Points


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